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Theodore Goldin

The following publications contain information about Theodore Goldin:

Article: "Col. Goldin at the Head: Old Warrior Named Grand Commander of Knights Templar at the Milwaukee Conclave." Eau Claire Leader (Eau Claire, Wisconsin) 4 November 1898 Page 5.

Article: "Theodore Goldin: A Debatable Hero" by John M. Carroll Research Review (Newsletter Literary Section), Vol. IX, No. 1974-11, November 1975.

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Article: "Goldin Revisited" by W. Kent King Research Review, Vol. XII, No. 1978-3, March 1978.

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Book: The Benteen-Goldin Letters on Custer and His Last Battle edited by John M. Carroll, University of Nebraska Press, 1991.

Article: "Private Theodore W. Goldin: Too Soon Discredited?" by Larry Skenlar Theodore Goldin, Benteen's pen pal and belated Medal of Honor awardee, is the subject of this well-documented article. Research Review: The Journal of the Little Big Horn Associates, Vol. 7, No. 2, June 1993.

Article: "Theodore W. Goldin: Unsuccessful Applicant for Superintendent of the Custer Battlefield National Cemetery" by Larry Skenlar Skenlar explores Goldin's attempt to become Battlefield Superintendent in 1924, including possible reasons he was not selected. Research Review: The Journal of the Little Big Horn Associates, Vol. 10, No. 1, January 1996.

Article: "'An agreeable sort when sober:' The Myth of Michael Madden" by Douglas Scott • Pvt. Michael Madden's loss of his leg at the Little Bighorn is one of the more familiar tales associated with the June 25, 1876, action. But what is fact and what is fiction in Madden's story" Douglas Scott provides that insight. • Greasy Grass, Journal of the Custer Battlefield Historical & Museum Association, Vol. 25, May 2009.